Kyoto Batteries - Italy
Kyoto Japan Batteries - Asia

Japan produces a range of Sealed Maintenance-Free Starter Batteries with Magic-Eye in Italy according to highest international standards for European, American and Asian cars, trucks & buses. Highest standards of quality, endurance and safety tests, including the Roll-Over Test, comply well with the requirements of automobile manufacturers.


Kyoto BatteryKyoto Japan sealed MF batteries cover the following families of products:

  • Standard DIN
  • Low DIN
  • Japanese & Korean Cars
  • Trucks & Buses
  • Heavy-Duty Trucks 


Kyoto Japan batteries are presented in an attractive mobile stand for display in service stations, retail outlets and auto showrooms.


Kyoto Japan has a network of regional distributors and clients in Europe and throughout the world. Drop-Shipping with over-night deliveries are available for wholesalers and dealers within Europe. Retail clients can benefi t from on-line shopping for most economical pricing within Europe.




Punching Grid

Sealed Maintenance-Free Batteries Grill Design

1. Specially designed frame increases mechanical strength and reduces grid expansion.
2. Lack of knots reduces corrosion.
3. Reinforcement improves mechanical and electrical performance.
4. No spikes close to the corners reduce stinging and shorting.
5. Straight-line conductivity






Punch Grid Technology

  • Grid Design
  • Reduction of internal resistance Increasing of 10s Voltage during CCA (EN)
  • Reduction of internal resistance Increasing of Midtronics value


Technology Advantages

  • Ultra High production speed (35m/min)
  • No lubricants during the punching process (less pollutant and less insulanting on grids)
  • Longer expire date on coils





Punch Grid Advantages (Electrical)

Punch Grid Advantages 1-1 Primary grid treads follow the current path. Punch Grid Advantages 1-2
Punch Grid Advantages 2-1 Lack of spikes reduces the possibility of envelope stinging and shorts. Punch Grid Advantages 2-2


Punch Grid Advantages ( Mechanical)

Punch Grid Advantages 3-1 The frame constrains the active material and gives mechanical strenght. Punch Grid Advantages 3-2
Punch Grid Advantages 4-1 The frame reduces drastically the grid growing during working. Punch Grid Advantages 4-2
Punch Grid Advantages 5-1 Lack of knots reduces drastically the grid growing and CORROSION. Punch Grid Advantages 5-2
Punch Grid Advantages 6-1 Reinforcement below the lugs (Mechanical strength and eleactrical performance improvement). Punch Grid Advantages 6-2